Cloud Integrator Blueprint

Cloud Integrator Training

Our cloud computing training course consists of video tutorials, bi-weekly webinars, and seminar presentations to help you improve or develop the cloud computing skills required to integrate cloud computing solutions into your toolbox for new and existing clients.

Here’s What You’ll Receive:

Component #1:Done-For-You Marketing Templates
To Make Marketing Easy

You’ll get INSTANT access to dozens of marketing templates that take the guesswork AND grunt work out of creating marketing messages. They are all proven winners that make it super easy for you to tweak and implement. If you were to hire a marketing agency or copy writer to create these same promotions, you’d spend $50,000 or MORE.

Component #2: Webinars And Support
You’ll also get to participate in a series of webinars with Robin Robins to teach you how to use the marketing templates to maximize results. Every session is recorded and posted for easy download and/or viewing later if you cannot make the sessions, OR if you want to share them with a key employee or vendor to help you implement the marketing strategies. These sessions will cover:

  • How to properly launch your cloud service to guarantee sales.
  • How to get high-quality prospects to call YOU, wanting to meet and talk about cloud solutions.
  • How to leverage the power of online marketing and social media for fast, CHEAP and easy marketing.
  • How to get other companies and associations to sell your cloud solutions FOR you.
  • How to build massive credibility and trust so price resistance goes away.
  • How to use cloud solutions annihilate your competition and steal top clients away from other MSPs.
  • How to get your current clients to refer you like crazy.
  • How to use seminars and webinars to close SEVERAL opportunities at once; this is the MOST efficient form of selling IT services you will ever use.

Component #3:“How To” Interviews With Successful Cloud Integrators
Since you might be trying to figure out what your “cloud solution” is, I’ve included over a dozen interviews with successful cloud integrators who have been selling profitable cloud services for YEARS. These “Cloud Champions” revealed how they are pricing these services, who’s buying, what the profit margins are compared to managed services, what vendors they use (and why) and big, key lessons learned. This ALONE is worth the price of admission because you can learn from the mistakes and successes of your peers instead of flying blind.

Component #4:Support From Your Peers, My Staff And Me
You’ll also get access to our private member portal to post questions to me (Robin Robins), my staff and your peers. I guarantee you’ll get answers to ANY question you have about marketing, selling and delivering cloud solutions. You will NOT be left in the dark! In fact, you’ll be joining a tremendous community of other IT business owners who are dealing with the same problems, questions and challenges you are, and who can provide their input and guidance.