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Need a cloud computing marketing plan or want to learn how to market cloud services?

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“What Every Managed Service Provider Needs To Know
Now About Selling Cloud Computing Solutions”

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Watch This Riveting Presentation To Discover:

  • Why cloud computing is going to put “traditional” MSPs out of business;
    this truly is a “change or die” moment for the industry.
  • Why learning how to market cloud services will allow you to profitably grow your IT services
    business and differentiate yourself from every other IT services company in your market.
  • Who’s buying cloud computing services – and why.
  • How to launch your cloud services for maximum success with a cloud computing marketing plan.

What is cloud computing, and what do I need to know about marketing cloud computing?

Cloud computing is a relatively new form of computing in which the “resources” that typically are installed and maintained locally in a company (such as servers, backup, firewalls, storage, software, and other services) are instead Internet-based, and can be provided on-demand to users via their computer or other internet-ready device like a utility (water, electricity, etc). One example of this is “Software as a Service”, or SaaS. The end user only pays for the use of the software on a subscription or as-needed basis. In this example, the upkeep and availability of an application, along with the underlying hardware and software becomes entirely the responsibility of the SaaS provider, not the end user. Examples of applications that are cloud-based include Google Apps,, Salesforce CRM, Zoomerang, and more. Other cloud-based applications like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and even online banking access applications are good examples of free cloud applications.

Cloud Computing Marketing

In order to best gear your business towards marketing cloud computing effectively, a sound cloud computing marketing plan is necessary. This industry is growing rapidly, and without a clear and tested plan your business could easily fall into one of the common traps and find your bottom line below where you’d like it to be.

Our cloud computing marketing plan will show you how to market cloud services efficiently and effectively and grow your IT services in this new and highly competitive field of cloud marketing. Contact us today for more information on the cloud marketing services we can offer your business!